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New year's message: to create a miracle, a myth

Date:2016-12-27 SOURCE: Onclick:4945

Sweat, can produce rich fruit; hard work, can be cast industry monument.

When the needle is about to move toward 2017, we can not help but look forward to the new year, looking forward to the company's second annual dream to achieve brilliant sunshine. Since last July began to build, 2016 is the beginning of the Louis Sden door and window tree banner to lay the foundation, but also to create a new business model of the company's opening year. In the past, we encourage; looking forward to the future, we must.

Over the past year, the company in brand positioning, product upgrading, market layout victory ending, fruitful: from the initial development of more than a dozen employees to more than and 40 people now, and gradually complete the adjustment and transformation of production workshop, materials and accessories for the finished goods warehouse, store from scratch has increased to more than twenty, the market from Southern China to southwest China Central China rapid penetration, new pavilion, grape, classic carport, induction door, electric sunroof, PD door, shutter and other rising new intelligent products, complete the upgrade structure of European style and Lingyu, Piaget, marquis and other products. The leadership of the board of directors of more than and 40 members of her family, and gradually promote the "zero defect free customer service" the enterprise standards, the impact of major risks and challenges to successfully deal with market and natural disasters, steadily promote the reform process of the company, firmly grasp the initiative in the development of enterprises. Our ship to Gordon Louis into a good steady, lithe figure of waves, the management of the optimization and upgrading of sales growth steady hoof walked quickly, leading the industry, self and mutual inspection system, advocating thrift, sharing business results deeply. Louis secretary with broad mind to work together to learn from each other and common progress, to promote the overall level of industry to save social resources as their duty. In order to improve the quality of the brand, reached a strategic cooperation agreement with New River, Germany, HOPO, and other well-known brands have relaxed suppliers, carry out the "mid autumn day double competition" success, dust-free workshop completed and put into production to improve product quality and work efficiency, Guangxi and Hainan provinces of Sichuan and Chongqing Hunan city large flagship store started successfully, joint production and marketing management write a new chapter for win-win cooperation, Louis Sden swagger and the future of the symphony in windows in history, as the depth change the rapid integration of the industry to add positive energy.

In 2016 the company added in a timely manner and upgrading of processing equipment and production technology, production facilities and expansion of production scale, completion of the annual production and sales target one month in advance, the product has entered the B&Q, actually home, Redstar and other international and domestic large chain Home Furnishing building materials store, rapid promotion of Louis sten brand visibility and reputation. Ahead of a year, that road easdon door and window Technology Co Ltd can sustainable development in a large platform, Louis sten doors and windows can become an important source of major building materials market; a year of hard work, to create a good start, accumulated a better potential for the idea of winning full beyond Centennial grand blueprint for the company. "Because of me, so better", and the slogan shouted Louis sten people's sense of responsibility, initiative, shouted the Louis sten people's sense of honor and pride!

2017 is a year of hope. Since the company was founded, we seek opportunities with quality, with innovation to respond to challenges, the brand development path to a new realm. The board of directors has formed a series of new ideas, new ideas and new strategies of enterprise management and market management, which provides a guide to optimize the management structure, accelerate product development and market development in the new market environment. Today, with the continuous implementation of full management of whole product inspection, the company features concentric with the resonance frequency take on an altogether new aspect, manufacturers, production and marketing situation continued to rise, suppliers, stores and companies with a total development and the fate of the depth of consensus cohesion. "Truth-seeking, innovation, unity, dedication, win-win" five development ideas for us to crack development problems, enhance the development of power, to meet the development of the advantages of the direction. And when the potential and we are together, facing the new situation and new goals must be to improve the system to promote the development of the global refinement process, make efficient service to become the first driving brand promotion, the transformation of the huge potential of the market performance, we can take a ride on the road of development key.

2017 is a year of difficulties ahead. The strengthening of national environmental protection and safety production management, upstream suppliers has been hitherto unknown impact of various raw materials, accessories, accessories Zhangshengyipian, technology of fluorocarbon, double color, oxidation and other popular to continue to provide to the market is an urgent need to solve the problem. But again we must overcome the difficulties, as long as the idea is not landslide, the way is more difficult than. The new year the company will recruit more capable personnel, strengthen team construction and training, we can break the product benefit by mutual discussion, hardware bottlenecks and obstacles, the formation mechanism of important material control, R & D and customer service system will have new progress, some related to the company's operational efficiency will also carry out work. Accelerate the occupation of the market and improve the market share as soon as possible, now, before any problems encountered in Time will not wait for me., can not be together. Emphasis on internal inspection of the new normal product, build a new mechanism for management, lay a new pattern of development, foreign insight into the trend of the industry change, maintain strategic initiative, continue to strengthen themselves, which is a heavy task weight. The new year is to strengthen the company quality service project of the year, we will continue to uphold the quality of survival, service and development of the banner, dare to experience growing pains, get rid of the speed complex, calm and out of anxiety contrast, strengthen the system of power flow and power, leading the company's development to a new level. To join the industry, the responsibility for the first; not for the first, only to do only. Only pay more attention to the development of the company, pay more attention to the effectiveness of all the staff's sense of belonging sense of mission, the process of growing and growing up after the problem will not tie our feet; medium scale traps developed in order to cross Louis Sden building materials industry doors and windows "".

2017 is the year to have a brilliant future. Lay a solid foundation for precipitation brand's three year plan to rush to the peak stage done in one vigorous effort. The establishment of a new model of production, supply and marketing joint operation of shared interests is our solemn commitment to our employees, suppliers and customers. To achieve this commitment, not only to take the potential to lead the correct direction of development, but also to take real to win a good business environment. "Potential", is to see the company is still in the development of talent shows itself in the industry in the period of strategic opportunities, to accurately grasp the changes in the market during this period, walking in front of the industry rapid development and market demand consistent products; "real", is to see the opportunity to seize the opportunity, keen to capture the industry profits, the accumulation of experience and funds for the company to expand. Any opportunity to catch it will become a challenge, Louis sten development needs to have only one courageous and knowledgeable doers, speculators do not need selfish paranoid short-sighted, just don't forget the heart, work conscientiously, promote the realization of the development of better quality, more efficient, more equitable, more healthy, we can use ecstasy the struggle lit the light of hope, with the continuous improvement of rich Louis sten dream.

"All the past is prologue". Before and after the development of the company one after another, today's struggle will be the glory of tomorrow. When the history of the ship on 2018, we look back today, we can proudly declared to the world: we do not miss the times Hau, did not live up to the mission of the industry.

2016, we create miracles;

2017, we write a myth!